14 October, 2011

day 30

   There is something almost magical in waking up early in the morning, before the sun is up, while the house is still asleep.  Today's morning, although not very dark, makes me thing back to my childhood...

   I've always thought of myself as a night owl, yet I've always been the first one of the house to wake up.  During my early school years, when we lived ten minutes away from my school and when my morning routine was short and sweet, I would quietly crawl out of my bed and go straight to the bathroom.  There I would perform the most daunting ritual of my day: comb my loooooong, fine hair (to tell you the truth, I am still not a big fan of combing my hair).  I would rarely eat breakfast (bad habit) and would often leave the house before either of my parents were up.
   During my high school years we moved to my grandfather's house and I would get up around 6AM to make it to school on time.  My favorite part of the morning routine was waiting for the trolleybus, often alone, at the corner bus stop.  The day was especially lucky if I was the only passenger for the first part of the ride.

   Lots of things have changed since those days: I live in a different country, in a city without trolleybuses, I've spent years waking up late, and there were times when I was waking up very early (4AM).... I still think of myself as a night owl but I realized that I am lucky to need only 4-5 hours of sleep per night.  This is why, quite often, I still get to be the first one to wake up and spend early moments of the day moving quietly around the house....


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