29 September, 2011


It's Thursday 
It's late September
It's time to decorate your house with Fall colours

Fall tutorials

Jessa from SPARKLE made an adorable paper pumpkin out of ..... a cereal box!!!  Now you can make some too - just follow her TUTORIAL
Image by Jessa

JULIE KUNDHI wrote down a pattern for an amigurumi pumpkin.  Get your hooks ready and CLICK HERE for directions.
Image by Julie Kundhie

Autumn is not only about pumpkins. Elsie from A BEAUTIFUL MESS shares a simple idea of a colourful FALL LEAVES GARLAND
Image by Elsie

Looking for more Autumnal crafty goodness?  Look no more: Kim, from EVERYTHING ETSY compiled a list of 101 (yes, you read it right, one hundred and one) FESTIVE FALL TUTORIALS
Image by Kim

For more Fall inspiration check out my AUTUMN/FALL Pinterest board and share your favorite Fall craft projects in the comments.

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