29 August, 2011

August blogroll


August discoveries from the blogosphere:
    Image by KT Merry Photography
  • THE VEGAN STONER - "how to cook cheap, fast, and vegan".  What a great wait to present recipes, love it and can't wait to make vegan onion rings, they look delicious!
  • Another food blog LA TARTINE GOURMANDE - amazing airy food photography
  • NON OBVIOUS SOLUTIONS - a collection of ingenious solutions for everyday problems aka lifehacking
  • Cute, sweet, and simple graphic design at LOVING LIFE DESIGNS
  • What happens when you mix luxury and rarity?  LUXIRARE - "a weekly webzine dedicated to clothing and cuisine"
  • It's rare that a photography blog catches my eye, but there is something fresh in KT MERRY photgraphs that makes me go back and look through the pages over and over again
  • Love, love, love journals and books Alice from LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO BE makes ... and what a great name for the blog!
  • LEMONS AND LAVENDER - food, photo, recipes .... must I say more?
  • I have discovered A BEAUTIFUL MESS only a couple of days ago and I love it already: Elsie blogs about fashion, handmade, her store and other fun topics, like how to take better self-portraits
  • Last but not least, VEGGIE-WEDGIE - my new fav raw food blog

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