17 June, 2011


Ideas for today's Make It Thursday* feature are taken from my USEFUL board on Pinterest.  
*I am well aware that it's Friday today - better late than never ;)

A friend of mine asked me recently how to mend knitted socks.  I decided to google some videos for her and was surprised to find out that the proper term for the process is "to darn"!  Here is an article DARN IT from the Craft blog explaining how to fix socks, blankets, mittens, etc.  
Image from Craft Blog

I really need to take a better care of my wooden spoons and boards.  I had this SPOON OIL recipe saved for a while now.  I think upcoming weekend is the perfect time to give some TLC to my hardworking tools.
Image from 3191 Miles Apart

I was so happy to see Alice's post with instructions on SEWING A LINING INTO A CROCHETED BAG.  Why?  Because I am almost done crocheting a set of basket that would need some pretty lining before I can use them as storage.  Thank you, Alice!
Image by Alice Merlino

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