17 May, 2011


Ooops, looks like Blogger was down last Thursday and my pre-scheduled post never appeared here.  Let's try once again:

Make It Thursday Tuesday

I am slowly getting back to blogging and it is time for the weekly MIT feature.  I have been seeing a lot of cute and easy tutorials for turning jars and glasses into whimsical, adorable vases.  And since the flowers are blooming, what could be a better way to decorate your house?

 This simple project was a part of 5 KID CRAFT-VASES FOR MOTHERS DAY at Momtastic.  Check out the full TUTORIAL at Modern Parents Messy Kids.
Image by Modern Parents Messy Kids
A quick upcycling project by Mark Montano.  All you need is some yarn, spray paint, and ribbons to turn MASON JARS into VASES.
Image by Mark Montano

This is probably the cutest project I have ever seen.  Can you guess what this vase is made of?  A balloon and a glass votive candle holder!  Camilla from Family Chic has step-by-step instructions for this adorable BALLOON VASE.
Image by Camilla

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