19 August, 2008


I am back to civilization and knitting. Sorry for leaving abruptly but I was hiding in Toronto for over a week and since people from whom I was hiding tend to read my blog I had to stop posting for a while.... These people are the reason why I could not show my crocheted project until now.
Here is the last picture of "almost finished" secret project:

And here are all the balls and arms assembled into 2 "blobs":

Same blobs but with the hand-made card:

These are modified Doug and Gordo from Crochet Me book. They do not look much like the original ones (I hope Kim Werker would forgive me for that) - I used a completely different size of yarn and had to improvise with the eyes and "costumes". I wanted them to look more like a girl and a boy, since they were part of the wedding gift for my two wonderful friends.


  1. Thank you very much!!!

    BTW my friends rally liked thm too and I have yet another person demanding one or two for herself.

  2. Gorgeous! They are sooooooooo freakin cool

  3. They are also quite easy to crochet. I am planning on making more amigurumi (I think this is the correct term for this kind of toys) - fast knit and very cute results!

  4. those blobs are so adorable!! great job!!! =] thanks for commenting on my blog!!! =] you do great work!!! =]