07 July, 2008

Vegan or not

Did you ever come across the ingredient only to pause and think whether it was vegan or not? Doubt no more, here is a website with the list of all possible additives:


  1. Aren't there like all sorts of vegans? Lactovegan, just vegan, etc, etc. Some eat eggs, some don't. Same goes to milk and dairy in general.

    And then there are some relegious vegans in India who don't eat garlic and pottao coz it grows in the ground and is not clean.

  2. You are right, the word vegan is used very freely this days. Originally vegan (as oppose to vegetarian) does not consume dairy, nor eggs, nor honey, nor anything else that comes from animals.
    Vegans who make exeptions for milk are called lactovegans, and those who eat eggs would be ovavegans (or smth along these lines). When I say "vegan" I mean a strict vegetarian (no dairy or eggs).

    As for Indian vegans, I am pretty sure they have their own name .... I'll try to "google" them later on.

    The biggest problem is that a lot of food additives contain animal by-products and strictly speaking are not even vegetarian (like gelatin or D3 vitamin). This is when it is worth to read your labels and know what is vegan and what's not.