20 July, 2008

Don't you wish your slipperS WERE hot like mine?

I finally have a finished project to share with you. Now I have 2 sexy slippers – “woot woot woot” - like my sister would say.

It took me a while to finish the second slipper, probably because I was dreading the knitting of ties. Remember, I made a mistake when knitting the ties of the first slipper and it made my knitting life so much more difficult. I did not want the second slipper look any different so I purposefully knitted the ties in a wrong fashion. But now, all of this is behind and I am enjoying my super-warm Twinkletoes.

There are a couple of mistakes (they are all on the sole so it would not be noticeable), also the second slipper is slightly looser at the back – this is what happens when you wait too long before completing the project.

And what would look nice with these slippers? A pair of matching socks. Here is a beginning of “Cablenet” in Regia #5769. I am very excited to attempt this rather difficult pattern. I would not stress myself with knitting it fast – it would be one of those “knit a bit when feel like it” projects.

Since I am sharing my progress here is how the felted purse looks like:

It is growing pretty fast and I am excited about felting it. By the way, is it me or felting is super popular today? While in Toronto I saw Toronto Outdoors Art Expo and was amazed to see several stands with felted purses. I also noticed felted items in different clothes/accessories stores. I better hurry up to learn this technique if I want to stay “cool”.


  1. Cute slippers:)
    Just so you know, we saw "Toronto Outdoors Art Expo :http://www.torontooutdoorart.org/, not Street Festival:)

  2. Thanks for noticing my mistake - I corrected it.

  3. Oh, thanks a lot!!! They are quite easy to knit too.

    I am contemplating attempting a bigger project (a top or a cardigan) and keep coming back to your hoodie.... if only I had enough patience and courage.