15 July, 2008

Do you <3 socks as I <3 them?

I was browsing through endless knit blogs and stumbled upon these beauties:

Meet Cookie A.
I think these socks are divine and should be worn instead of shoes for some special occasions. Go to the website and check out other sock beauties.


  1. Love them! Can i have some?
    Can i? pleeeeeeeeze!

  2. I wish I could make them. I will need a bit more practice before starting all these crazy cables and folds.

  3. Hey hey I want the first ot the last ones, but thigh high!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    you see I read your blogg!

  4. Ha ha ha.

    Sorry, sis, you'll have to wait till I'll practice enough. I will knit you some socks - I promise!!!!