07 October, 2005

Blogger 101 tutorial - First Steps

1. Blogger is one of Google services so you need to get a Google account. You can begin at http://www.gmail.com and follow the link "sign up for a new Google account".
UPDATE: If you do not want to get Gmail email account and prefer using your existing email (not-Gmail) for your blog you can sign up for Blogger account HERE

If you already have an account with Google, you can simply log in.
2.http://www.blogger.com is where you access your "Dashboard". Once you are logged in with your newly created Google username and password you should be able to see "create a blog" link on the top right.

3. Now you need to find a title for your blog (it could be changed later on) and select an address for it.

4. After clicking "continue" you will be prompted to select one of design templates. I like to begin with a simple layout and modify/adjust it later.

5. You are ready to start blogging, but there are still some settings that you might want to go over.

Clicking "start blogging" will bring you to the "new post" page:

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