07 October, 2005

Blogger 101 tutorial - Design

Design is the most fun part of the set up. It helps to have some idea of how you want your blog to look but it is OK to just play around with the settings.

Let’s look at Template Designer

First, browse default templates that are offered on Blogger. Preview them on your blog to find something you like

Now switch to Background tab. Clicking Background image will launch a window with images that could be put as a background on your blog. Clicking Main color theme will help you to choose the main color for your blog. You can also choose from one of suggested themes.

Next tab (Adjust width) allows you to specify the width of your blog and its columns. Keep in mind that in 2011, most screen resolution are higher than 1024×768 (http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_display.asp). Also, leave some empty space on the page - you don’t want your blog to look too cramped up.

The fourth tab is Layout:

Here you can choose where to display different sections of your blog.

Finally, a wide range of Advance settings allows you to choose your blog’s font and color, link colors, post footers colors, and other elements on your page.

Click “Apply to Blog” (top right corner) and return “Back to Blogger”.

Back at the Page Elements section you can edit or add elements to your blog.

If you are moving things around (simply by dragging boxes on the page) or editing existing elements, make sure to preview the page before saving it.

Your blog is now set up and you are ready to write posts and add pages.
Happy blogging!

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